Animal Fighting and Blood Sports in Online Gambling​

sport betting
sport betting

Bangladesh has strict laws prohibiting blood sports, including animal fighting. Betting on such activities is also illegal. Despite these regulations, underground animal fighting scenes and illegal betting can still occur. Bangladesh has strict regulations regarding animal fighting and blood sports. According to Sections 7 and 11 of the 1920 Cruelty to Animals Act and Sections 268 and 289 of the 1860 Penal Code, all forms of blood sports are officially illegal in Bangladesh. This includes activities such as cockfighting, dog fighting, and other forms of animal cruelty for the purpose of entertainment or gambling.

Despite these regulations, it is unfortunate that underground animal fighting scenes still exist in certain areas of Bangladesh. Illegal animal fights continue to take place, and betting on these illegal fights is a common occurrence. It is important to note that such activities are not condoned by the law and are subject to prosecution.

As responsible and ethical individuals, it is crucial to respect and protect the welfare of animals. Engaging in or promoting any form of animal fighting or blood sports is not only illegal but also goes against principles of compassion and empathy towards animals.

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